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CME® Kinetic Therapy

An avant-garde solution for children from the age of 2 months old.


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We have our expert therapist LIZA BARRIOS certified in CME® Level III and helping many children who need to regain their mobility and improve their quality of life.

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kinetic therapy


At Kinetic Therapy Spain, we use the intensive therapy model to treat premature babies with cerebral palsy or other neurological disorders.
Obtaining many benefits and excellent results.


What we can offer you

kinetic therapy


Our therapist LIZA BARRIOS is level III and has traveled since 2009 to Santiago de Chile to study and train in the Cuevas Medek Exercise (CME) technique with its creator Ramón Cuevas.

This Pediatric Physiotherapy approach is totally avant-garde and inspired by provoking automatic motor responses in children with psychomotor retardation from 3 months of age.

For the past 12 years we have seen wonderful results using CME as opposed to the results we obtained the first few years working with the most commonly used conventional therapies.
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WE ARE DEDICATED TO PROVIDING INNOVATIVE THERAPY SERVICES to children with a variety of neurological and developmental needs.


We have 21 years of experience working with children and 12 years of experience working with CME in Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, France, Romania and Dubai.



Yelitza Marquez
Yelitza Marquez
La mejor terapia física que existe para lograr la independencia del niño, adolescente, etc, tanto para su vida cotidiana, como para reactivar el sistema neurológico, para nuestro pequeño fue grandioso, un despertar en su vida en todo sentido, ojalá todos pudieran conocer las terapias CME
Jesus Garcia
Jesus Garcia
Nos ha encantado la experiencia con Liza. Ha trabajado muy bien con Elena y la terapia nos ha gustado mucho. Un encanto ella, Giancarlo y Daniel. Muy recomendable
Ele Melero
Ele Melero
Que gran descubrimiento ha sido vuestra terapia! Un gran equipo de profesionales, en dos meses repetiremos! Muchas gracias por todo!
Ausias Pellicer
Ausias Pellicer
Muy contentos con Liza, Daniel y el resto del equipo, han ayudado muchísimo a nuestra hija Vera. La terapia Cuevas Medek no es muy conocida en España, pero lo cierto es que son super serios, rigurosos y los peques trabajan un montón.
Rosa Roca
Rosa Roca
Es la mejor terapia que hemos probado con nuestra niña. Liza es una terapeuta estupenda, la mejor fisioterapeuta infantil que hemos conocido, experta en la técnica y apasionada de los niños. Liza y todo su equipo son muy serios, trabajan con una gran dedicación y sobretodo mucho cariño hacia todos los pequeños. Nosotros hemos visto grandes avances con esta técnica. Son muy recomendables
Después de 3 años trabajando juntos, podemos confirmar que Liza y su equipo son unos grandes profesionales y aún mejores personas. Muy cariñosos con los niños y siempre pendientes de su evolución. Liza, la mejor fisioterapeuta infantil que conocemos, con gran experiencia y nivel de conocimiento de la materia. La verdad, la mejor combinación entre cariño y exigencia, para poder sacar lo mejor de nuestros soles.
Sirpa Kolu
Sirpa Kolu
Amazingly high level of CME therapy, sessions allways planned ahead according to child's needs, high work ethic, excellent communication with our son and superior support to our family. Highly recommend!

we are here to help you

Start with an initial consultation

We create customized programs based on the biomechanics of each child.

During the two-week program, the child will acquire muscle strength, posture, balance, dexterity, and will be able to integrate reflexes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an evaluation performed at the beginning?

Yes, we perform an initial evaluation of the patient to know the level of skills achieved.

On the first day of the intensive the therapist, after knowing the result of the evaluation, will establish a set of exercises suitable for the patient for the 20 intensive therapy sessions. 

What should I bring to therapy?

You must:

  •  bring regular, comfortable, ankle-high shoes, if possible.
  • Sufficient change of clothes and diapers.
  •  We do not work with AFO, DAFO, WALKERS OR EXTERNAL APPARATUS during the sessions.
How many sessions should my child have per day?

The usual are:

  • two sessions each day.
  • Duration 45 minutes each session.
  • Duration of the intensive 10 days.
  • Total sessions 20 sessions
  • Sessions per week 10
Do I have to provide therapy for my child at home?

You have 2 options:

Option 1:

Doing the therapy at home will take approximately 30 minutes each day, resting on the weekend.

If you choose this option, the Kinetic therapist will guide you to learn a set of exercises that you can do with your child.

These exercises that the therapist will give you will be useful for eight weeks and then you should return to Kinetic to push your child to new goals.

Option 2

 continuous 8-week intensives with Kinetic's therapists, resting one week and resuming 8-week intensives

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