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Our Frequently Asked Questions

Is an evaluation performed at the beginning?

If we perform an initial evaluation of the patient to know the level of skills achieved, on the first day of the intensive, the therapist, after knowing the results of the evaluation, will establish a set of exercises suitable for the patient for the 20 intensive therapy sessions. 

What should I bring to therapy?

You have to bring regular shoes, enough changes of clothes, diapers if an accident occurs we do not work with AFO, DAFO, WALKERS OR EXTERNAL APPARATUS.

How many sessions should my child have per day?

The usual is two sessions per day of 45 minutes each for 10 days.

Do I have to provide therapy for my child at home?

You have 2 options:

If you have time you can do the therapy at home it will take you approximately 30 minutes each day rested on the weekend if you choose this option the Kinetic therapist will guide you to learn a set of exercises that you can do to your child, these exercises that the therapist will give you will serve you for eight weeks then you must return to Kinetic to push your child to new goals.

The other option is for your child to do continuous 8-week intensives with Kinetic's therapists, taking a week off and resuming 8-week intensives.

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