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CME® Cuevas Medek Exercises

CME®, the acronym for Cuevas Medek Exercises, is a method of psychomotor therapy for children with motor development disorder caused by any involvement or disorganization of the Central Nervous System.

Full Body Vibration Therapy

It is a therapy based on the stimulation of the patient's myotatic reflex causing an elongation of the neuromuscular spindles which causes reflex muscle contraction.

Therapy Equipment

CME® therapy set, the possibilities for children increase as they can be dynamically stimulated in order to elicit standing stability, balance functions and gait control.

Online Consultations

Work with us by video call without having to move, we have 4 years of online experience and 19 years of experience working with children, many of our patients perform intensive with us and have successfully followed the evolution of treatment with remote sessions by videoconferencing.


Kinetic Therapy offers lodging services so that our patients can receive their treatments with greater comfort and peace of mind.

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