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CME® Cuevas Medek Exercises

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CME® Cuevas Medek Exercises

GCEthe acronym for Medek Caves Exercisesis a method of psychomotor therapy for children with motor development disorder caused by any affectation or disorganization of the Central Nervous System. 

CME® Cuevas Medek Exercises was created in 1972 by Ramón Cuevas, Chilean Kinesiologist.

The first name of this therapy was MEDEM, Spanish acronym for Dynamic Method of Motor Stimulation. In 1999 Ramon included his name in the therapy and named it CME Therapy (Cuevas Medek Exercises).

CME® Cuevas Medek Exercises Features

Ramon Cuevas says that practice led him to a biomechanical understanding of children.

This is why during treatments we seek to provoke an internal struggle between immaturity and the effort of motor automatism, as the brain has the capacity to take on new challenges in order to mature.

The origin of our posture is completely automatic and genetic, it is a set of synergies reflected in the neuro-motor apparatus that allow us to defy the force of gravity and the constant imbalance in front of a change of position of the different body segments.

Specific characteristics of the therapy:

  1. Provoke the emergence of new automatic motor functions.
  2. The child's cooperation or motivation does not influence the performance of the CME exercise.
  3. We expose children to the influence of the force of gravity, using progressive distal support.
  4. Stretching is integrated into the technique exercises, which are always performed with weight relief.
  5. Hypertonia in the lower extremities is not an impediment to stimulate postural control in biped.
  6. We have an 8-week trial period.
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