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KINETIC THERAPY is a physiotherapy center for children and infants from 2 months of age, we are located in Alicante - Spain.

We provide physical therapy to patients with disorders that affect the functioning of the central nervous system and the evolution of children.

Our founder Ft, Liza Barrios is certified in CME® Level III and wants to help many, many children in Europe who need to regain their mobility and improve their quality of life.

founder of kinetic therapy alicante

Ft. Liza Barrios

Ft. Liza Barrios

Founder of Kinetic Therapy Alicante.

I studied at Columbus University of Panama. With a love for pediatric care nurtured during her university education, Liza has designed and applied therapeutic programs with the Cuevas Medek Exercise CME® technique.. Always looking for excellence in their individual physiotherapeutic care.

Since 2001, he has been dedicated to researching new approaches for the treatment of infant disorders.

In his Venezuela he facilitated workshops for parents who have children with high biological risk condition, prematurity, cerebral palsy, motor disorders, etc..

She has attended a variety of pediatric conferences and seminars to complement courses in different therapeutic approaches to the infant.

Your expertise in the orthopedic area The results of the work carried out in the gait analysis laboratory at the Children's Orthopedic Hospital of Caracas, Venezuela and the Venezuelan Institute for the Integral Development of Children.

In 2009, after having worked for 8 years with conventional therapy with different therapeutic approaches, he became certified in the CME technique.

 In the search for other types of approaches, he attends the CME I certification in Chile, becoming the first Venezuelan professional trained in this technique.in June of the same year, he attended the CME II certification in Toronto Canada and in 2010 it was certified as CME III.

Liza has had the good fortune and honor of being Ramon Cuevas' assistant in several CME courses in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, New York.

Twice a year he travels to visit Ramon and updates and corrects his skills at the GCE International Center in Santiago, Chile.

CME is very dynamic, Ramon creates new exercises with each child, being in these visits with him, not only makes him improve as a practitioner of the technique but also makes him more solid in the philosophy of treatment that the great CME teaches him. Maestro Ramón Cuevas.

CME® Certifications & Certificates

What is CMECEP®?

The Cuevas Medek® Exercises Continuing Education Program was conceived by Ramon Cuevas to improve the quality of teaching CME® therapy since 2000.

From that year onwards, Ramón reorganized the teaching team with new highly ethical assistants who accepted and supported from the beginning the evolution of the name of the therapy from the former MEDEK to the current CME® therapy which stands for Cuevas Medek Exercises®.

The unique goal of CMECEP® is to provide the opportunity for physical, occupational and child psychologists to progressively learn the current state-of-the-art curriculum of this motor therapy approach to pediatric rehabilitation.

The therapy continuing education program Medek Exercises® Caves is composed of four learning levels:

Level one:
Introductory Course or CME® I
Level two:
Intermediate Course or GCE® II
Level three:
Advanced Course or CME® III

The introductory course to CME® or "CME® I" is open to physiotherapists, occupational therapists and psychologists, with special preference given to those working in the field of pediatric rehabilitation.

The contents of the course are:

- Beginnings and evolution of CME® therapy.
- Theoretical principles and basic concepts of this therapy.
- Learning the CME® therapy evaluation format and protocol.
- Learning 42 exercises ranging from head control to gait, including basic activities using - the CME® therapy box set.

The duration of the CME® I course is 4 days.

The CME® Therapy Intermediate Course or "CME® II" is available only to CME® I graduates with a minimum of 8 months experience working with this new therapy.

The contents of the course are:

- Review theory and principles from the perspective of 8 or more months of practice.
CME® Therapy.
- Practical learning of 50 new exercises.

The duration of the CME® II course is 5 days, 4 days for the curricular contents and the fifth day for the review of the whole CME® therapy with a case chosen by the participants, being the attendance voluntary. This course is also available as a tutorial modality where the participant does a 6-day stage with Ramon Cuevas.

The Advanced CME® Therapy or "CME® III" course is open only to CME® II graduates with two or more years of experience in the use of CME® therapy in their daily practice.

CME® III, is taught in tutorial mode only, which consists of a "one on one" base internship with Ramon Cuevas (creator of CME® physical therapy) and Alexis Cuevas CME® V, in which the participant needs to learn 150 new physical exercises of CME® therapy exercises.

Before taking the course, participants must complete a questionnaire at least 4 months prior to practice to ensure that the CME® II graduate has fully mastered the basic concepts of physical therapy. After reviewing the questionnaire, the applicant will receive the "CME® III" manual containing 150 new physical therapy exercises.

During the interactive examination period, the candidate will receive all the necessary information to achieve the highest quality performance in the use of the 150 CME® therapy exercises. This period can last from 5 to 10 days depending on the needs of each candidate, and includes a minimum of 6 hours per day.

To obtain the CME® III certification diploma, all participants must pass the practical exam. Only the perfect 100% practical control of the 150 exercises will allow the therapist to receive the certification of excellence as a CME® III practitioner.

If the candidate does not meet the quality standards for the CME® III level of practice, he/she must practice on his/her own until he/she is ready to pass a new practical exam after a period of at least 4 months.

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