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How do I know if my child has psychomotor retardation?

It is important not to be alarmed. knowing if my child has psychomotor retardationis to answer some questions:

  • Is your child old enough to walk but not yet walking?
  • Does he not smile at people who approach him but is distant and withdrawn?
  • Can't hold an object with a certain firmness and precision?

What may be the cause of psychomotor retardation?

The factors that cause psychomotor retardation are not known with certainty; according to experts, it may arise due to a genetic or acquired problem.

What are the details of a psychomotor problem?

6 months

The infant is constantly irritable, frequently startles at noises, uses only one hand to play, shows great passivity and little interest in his environment, the Moro reflex is maintained and the fixed gaze at his hand persists.

1 year

He has a repetitive behavior pattern for most of the time, does not move on his own for at least 2 meters, not even crawling, maintains a constant drooling and usually puts any object he finds in his mouth.

2 years

He is hyperactive most of the time, fails to concentrate on any activity, insists on throwing all objects, shows manual or verbal stereotypies, and is unable to engage in symbolic play because he does not understand it.

What to do?

In case your child shows any of these details, it is important that you take him/her to a professional who will be able to give a diagnosis in case he/she presents a psychomotor problem.

Early detection of psychomotor retardation is fundamental

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